If you are considering relocating to the USA or are already an immigrant seeking a cleaning position with visa sponsorship, here’s an overview of potential earnings. Typically, individuals in this role earn between $10.10 and $22.18 per hour, translating to approximately $1,600 to $3,667 monthly and $23,591 to $51,786 annually, based on recent studies analyzing compensation in this field.

Furthermore, the amount you earn may vary based on your level of experience. For instance, if you have 1-4 years of experience, you might expect to earn around $27,000-$32,000 annually. With 5-9 years of experience, your potential earnings could increase to up to $35,000 annually. It’s worth noting that extensive prior experience is not always necessary, as many agencies provide training and resources to support newcomers in the profession.

Understanding the Role Before delving further, it’s important to clarify the role of a cleaner. Cleaners are individuals employed to maintain cleanliness and orderliness in various settings such as homes, offices, hotels, schools, among others, and receive compensation for their services.


Cleaners are responsible for various tasks, including but not limited to tidying residences, managing waste disposal, washing windows, and more. When employed as a cleaner, individuals are assigned specific duties during their work hours and are expected to focus solely on those tasks.

A cleaning position entails maintaining a designated area in an orderly and well-maintained condition. Key responsibilities typically include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming floors, dusting surfaces, and sanitizing areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

For individuals seeking temporary or permanent employment, a cleaning job presents a favorable option. Many companies are open to sponsoring visas and offering positions within this field


securing a cleaning job in the usa with visa sponsorship is more accessible than one might assume. For international individuals aspiring to pursue further education or embark on a fresh journey in the US but facing financial constraints, applying for a cleaning position can serve as a viable starting point.

Fortunately, if you’re seeking cleaning employment opportunities that come with visa sponsorship in the USA, you’re in a fortunate position. Numerous job vacancies within the cleaning industry extend visa sponsorship. Let’s delve into where you can locate companies offering premier cleaning positions in the USA with visa sponsorship for the year 2024.



  1. San Francisco, CA: San Francisco emerges as a leading destination for cleaners seeking lucrative employment opportunities with visa sponsorship. Boasting a cost of living index of 269, cleaners in this city earn an impressive average hourly wage of $18.50, surpassing the national average. Moreover, many cleaning firms in San Francisco extend visa sponsorship to qualified international applicants.
  2. New York, NY: Another prominent contender is New York City, renowned for its competitive wages and visa sponsorship options for cleaners. With a cost of living index of 100 and an average hourly wage of $16.50, it presents a financially rewarding prospect. Similar to San Francisco, New York City appeals to international cleaners with job prospects and visa assistance offered by various cleaning establishments.
  3. Texas: Houston, Dallas, Austin For those inclined towards a state-focused approach, Texas emerges as an excellent choice for cleaners in pursuit of well-paying positions with visa sponsorship. Offering an average hourly wage of $12.50, Texas presents a range of opportunities, particularly in cities such as Houston, Dallas, and Austin. The state’s burgeoning economy and cultural richness render it an optimal environment for cleaners to flourish.
  4. Florida: Miami, Orlando, Tampa Florida, renowned for its balmy climate and thriving tourism sector, ranks among the top states for cleaners. With an average hourly wage of $12.25, Florida provides enticing prospects for cleaners, notably in cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. Many cleaning enterprises in the state also extend visa sponsorship to eligible candidates.
  5. Illinois: Chicago, Springfield Venturing into the Midwest, Illinois emerges as a promising state for cleaners in search of well-compensated roles with visa sponsorship. With an average hourly wage of $13.08 and opportunities abound in cities like Chicago and Springfield, Illinois positions itself as a prime destination for cleaners aspiring to career growth and financial security.

Whether your preference leans towards vibrant urban hubs or thriving states, this comprehensive guide equips you with valuable insights to make an informed decision. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently pursue the high-paying cleaning job with visa sponsorship that aligns with your aspirations. Best of luck on your journey!




For individuals contemplating a career as a cleaner in the USA and necessitating visa sponsorship, having a clear understanding of salary expectations is paramount. The following breakdown outlines average salaries for cleaners across different experience levels, accompanied by insights into visa sponsorship requisites. While working as a cleaner in the USA offers many the opportunity to earn a livelihood and garner valuable work experience, it’s imperative for those requiring visa sponsorship to grasp the job’s prerequisites and anticipated remuneration.

Here’s a summary of visa-sponsored cleaner jobs in the USA, including salary projections segmented by experience level:

  • Entry-Level (0-5 Years of Experience) Cleaner Salary Projections:

As an entry-level cleaner with visa sponsorship in the USA, you can anticipate earning an average of $10-$12 per hour. While this figure may fluctuate depending on geographical location and the type of cleaning role, entry-level cleaners typically accrue an annual income in the range of $20,000-$25,000. It’s noteworthy that some employers may offer supplementary benefits such as health insurance or paid time off, augmenting the overall job value.

  • Mid-Level (2-5 Years of Experience) Cleaner Salary Projections:

Mid-level cleaners with visa sponsorship in the USA can foresee earning an average of $13-$15 per hour. Analogous to entry-level positions, remuneration may vary contingent on location and job category, with mid-level cleaners typically garnering approximately $26,000-$30,000 annually. With burgeoning experience and enhanced skills, certain mid-level cleaners may have the opportunity to negotiate higher salaries or undertake supervisory roles within their organization. Conducting thorough research on the local job market can provide a clearer perspective on salary expectations.

  • Senior-Level (6-10 Years of Experience) Cleaner Salary Projections

Senior-level cleaners in the USA who are sponsored with visas typically receive an hourly wage averaging between $15 and $20. This equates to an annual income ranging from approximately $30,000 to $40,000. However, these figures are subject to variation based on geographical location and the nature of the cleaning role. Typically, senior-level cleaners possess extensive experience and advanced skills, often overseeing other cleaners or managing a team. Exploring the specific job market dynamics in your area will facilitate a better comprehension of salary projections for senior-level cleaner positions.



Several factors influence cleaner salaries in the USA, encompassing experience level, geographical location, job type, and visa sponsorship. Entry-level cleaners with visa sponsorship might earn an average of $10-$15 per hour, while mid-level cleaners can expect around $12-$18 per hour.

Salaries can diverge significantly based on geographical location and job type. Cleaners in metropolitan areas may command higher salaries than those in rural locales, and individuals employed in commercial or industrial settings may earn more than their counterparts in residential environments.


For individuals seeking employment as cleaners in the usa with visa sponsorship, several visa types may be applicable

  1. J-1 Visa:
  • This visa encompasses an au pair program tailored for individuals interested in serving as nannies or childcare workers.
  • While popular, this program mandates applicants to undergo training and background checks.
  • Eligibility criteria: Applicants must fall within the 18 to 26 age bracket, have graduated from secondary school, and possess proficiency in English.
  1. H-2B Visa:
  • Designed for unskilled workers, this visa can be utilized for immigration to the USA as a childcare provider.
  • It’s crucial to note that this visa is temporary and accessible solely to countries with treaties with the USA.
  • Prospective applicants should ascertain if their country qualifies before applying, with the hiring family initiating a petition.
  1. B-1 Visa
  • Intended for individuals accompanying visitors to the USA, this visa is suitable for childcare providers accompanying someone visiting the country.
  • The B-1 visa boasts a six-month validity period, extendable as needed.
  • Both the employee and employer must execute a contract stipulating that the employer will furnish benefits akin to those received by a US worker.



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