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Due date or date of delivery calculator

Due date or date of delivery calculator helps pregnant women determine when they will be due to deliver.
This can also be called estimated date of delivery, expected date of confinement, or estimated due date or simply due date.
It estimates date of delivery using when women’s last period started and┬áhow long their cycles last.
Due date or date of delivery calculator gives up to 99% accurate results provided you provide it with correct data or information it will request of you.


Knowing when you will be due to deliver will help you in getting ready for it. Of course a lot of preparations are made towards welcoming new born babies.
It will equally help one in knowing how best to schedule events, and appointments.
Because of the benefits of knowing when one is due, it’s imperative to use an accurate this calculator as a health care professional or pregnant woman.

How to use date of delivery calculator

  • To use this calculator, input correct information the calculator will request of you.
  • Then click calculate.
  • Then wait for your answer.
  • The displayed date is your calculated date of delivery.

Note that some factors can affect your date of delivery. Your may deliver earlier than when you’re due for some reasons.

What can make a pregnant woman to deliver earlier than her due date of delivery?

A treat to life of either the baby or the mother can make your doctor to request that you deliver earlier than your due date.
In this case, you will be given a labour induction drug to kick start your labour.
Disease conditions such as uncontrollable hypertension, threatened miscarriage etc can equally lead to an earlier delivery date than the due date.

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